The fully computerized spacious library, having 1800 sqft. area adds beauty to the school infrastructure. It subscribes to number of national & international magazines periodicals and journals, besides providing rich and varied resources in Science, Humanities, Commerce, Visual arts, natural science etc.


Looking to the needs of the children school has a separate playfield and swings, see saw etc. for the Primary kids. This playfield is separate from the one in use by senior students. Children love to be a part of this playfield during lunch hours or even during their games period.


School has two Computer Laboratories one for the Primary and one for Secondary/Sr.Sec. classes. Equipped with most modern systems and equipments, the lab looks very distinguished.


School has a big Biology Laboratory with an area of more than 1000 sq.ft, designed with the latest and most modern systems used in biology laboratories. It has more than 500 specimens and has all the apparatus and instruments required by CBSE for classes upto XII.


School has one of the finest Chemistry Laboratory with an area of more than 1400 sq.ft, designed with the latest and most modern systems used in chemistry laboratories in School. This laboratory is equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals as per CBSE norms. The laboratory is well ventilated & is designed so beautifully.


School has a spacious big Physics Laboratory designed with the latest features and equipped with all apparatus and instruments as per CBSE norms. The area of this laboratory is approx.1200 sq.ft and can comfortably accommodate more than 45 students at a given time.