Director Message

Dear Parents/ Guardians Our endeavor in the current year will be to help the students to understand the process of change and development-both in terms of time and space. In the current context of globalization, the school plays definite and a positive role in moulding the students. We have to be prepared to pay more attention to inculcate in the students a scientific temper by promoting the spirit of enquiry and following a rational and objective approach. Our school is well equipped with all the facilities to face any challenge of the new age where we ensure that we inculcate in your ward good moral and social value, regard for goodness, fairness, justice, truth, compassion, code of conduct in profession and everyday dealing with others. We ensure that your ward become capable to face the challenges of life by participating in the competitions at different leaves. We give training to your ward to maintain emotion as well as mental equilibrium and be prepared to face any eventuality without fear. Our school Diary is planned, keeping the above in mind, to record your child’s manifold activities and overall performance. This diary is a vital link between the teachers and the parents. Through the diary, you come to know of the day-to-day progress of your ward and the child is under your constant watch. Therefore, it is important for you to look into your child’s diary daily, note the teacher’s remarks and take appropriate corrective measures wherever necessary. We look forward to your active interest and co-operation.

Mr. Shalabh Vijay